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"youphoric: humans are so cute, when we say goodbye we put our arms around each other and to show we love someone we bring them flowers. we say hello by holding each other’s hand, and sometimes tiny little dewdrops form in our eyes. for pleasure we listen to arrangements of sounds, press our lips together, smoke dried leaves, get drunk off of old fruit. we’re all just little animals, falling in love and having breakfast beneath billions of stars"

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The first time I held a human brain in Anatomy Lab I was completely speechless. I looked at my classmates expecting a similar reaction and they looked back at me confused like…”dude let’s start identifying the structures.” I had to take a step back and let it process…in my hands was someone’s entire life. From start to finish, every memory, every emotion, every bodily control…was right there in my hands. 

I don’t care if people unfollow this is spectacular

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The planet Saturn, August 11, 1981, imaged by Voyager 2 from a range of 14.7 million kilometers (9.1 million miles). You can also see the moons Dione (right) and Enceladus. (NASA)

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"And even after all my logic and my theory, I add a ‘muhfucka’ so you ignorant niggas hear me."

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when the person you hate is talking

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medusa, trying to turn you to stone, but you accidentally called her “melissa” when you first walked in and now you’re too embarrassed to look at her. “it’s alright” she keeps saying “i get it all the time” but you still won’t look. u don’t even remember the stone thing until later

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i :) am :) so :) stressed :) about :) everything :) all :) the :) time :)

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